A macOS app that displays the system status on screen at all times
TrueWidget works on macOS 11 Big Sur or later.

TrueWidget displays macOS version, CPU usage and local time on screen at all times.

✨ Check macOS version and host name at a glance when using multiple versions of macOS on your Mac.
✨ The CPU usage can be monitored not only by instantaneous usage, which can vary widely, but also by a moving average, which is less likely to be blurred, to determine recent trends.
✨ The local time can be displayed in a size that is easy to read unlike the time on the menu bar, which is not legible when using high resolution.
✨ Supports multi-display environments and allows control over which screen is used for display.
Display Items Customization
Default style
Large local time
Suppress macOS version
Display macOS version only
Display CPU usage only
Display local time only